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Speciality Item: Printed Banners


LJP has a wide range of indoor banners that can be used as a marketing tool and can be fully customised to your specifications.

The full colour element allows you to manipulate the design to suit your target audience.

Every time the consumer sees your banner, your message or business gets reinforced.

The banners are light weight and portable, printed on non-curling Ferrari material.

The Econo, Executive and X Banner are each supplied with easy-to-assemble stands and carrier bags.

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We all know the importance of print. It can play a big role in raising the profile of your business, and allows you to communicate your message with your customers. It allows you to portray an image of your business; a way in which you want the world to see you. It provides you with a blank canvas to really get creative and get people talking about you. Whilst using posters and banners inside your business or shop is standard practice for most companies, taking that big leap outdoors can often be a more tentative approach. Whether it’s the cost or perhaps even a fear of the unknown and the outside world, promoting your business and your product using banners or billboards can have many benefits.

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